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Top of the line Basketball Playbooks with systems and sets used by the top high school, college and NBA teams from around the country such as the Lakers, Bulls, Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, UCONN and Princeton. To order playbooks email info@mauisportsacademy.com.


1. The Best Zone Quick Hitters In The World ($20) This assortment of zone quick hitters covers zone sets that work against all zone defenses. They will work against: 2-3, 1-2-2, 1-3-1, Match-up, and Amoeba 1-1-3 zones. This playbook is a rare find!

2. Zone and Man to Man Out of Bounds Plays ($20) A book of innovative, yet simple ways to attack your opponent from under you basket. These zone out-of-bounds plays are clever & creative new approaches to scoring against your opponent.

3. Box Sets and 1-4 Quick Hitters ($20) Box sets and 1-4 sets are great ways to attack man to man defenses. We have simple calls you can make to cut your opponents to pieces.

4. 3-Out 2-In Motion Zone Offense (Plus eight great quick hitters and drills) ($20) This 3-out 2-in motion zone offense will work against all zone defenses. You don’t worry about the front of the zone you just play basketball. We have drills to teach the players how to move in this offense. The set plays are out of a 3-2 alignment. We have sets for each position.

5. Breaking the Press Full and Half Court “Plus” Late Game Situations ($10) This press break is so good you may want to go tell your opposing coach to press you before the games starts. The special part about this press break is that it works against all zone presses plus it works against a man to man press too. It is a press break that attacks the basket.

6. Man to Man Quick Hitters from Division One Programs ($20) We have 25 quick hitters in this playbook. If you will pick ten of them you will be able to cut up your opponent like you were a surgeon. We have simple sets that the players can understand. These sets are good for high school and junior high teams (boys and girls).

7. Ball Screens the Toughest Thing to Defend in the Game ($20) Ball Screens are coming back into vogue. We have 27 ball screens sets that will get you shots when you need them. If you watch great teams like UConn, Villanova, or Kansas they have all gone to several ball screen sets to create shots for their teams.

8. Five-Game Motion Offense (With eight quick hitters and drills) ($20) A great package for a high school program! This motion offense has all five players rotating between the point both wings and both low post positions. This offense has great screening angles and movement.

9. The Princeton Offense for High School Programs ($20) We break down the Princeton Offense where it can be used in high school programs. The Princeton Offense is a 4-out 1-in offense. In the Princeton Offense you get two types of shots (Threes and Lay-ups). The great thing about the Princeton Offense is the more they pressure you the better it works!

10. 3-Out 2-In Motion Man to Man Offense Plus Eight Quick Hitters ($20) This offense is great for a team with two good big post players. It is very easy to understand. The three outside players will get plenty of shots, but it is an inside oriented offense. *We have some great quick hitters that come with this playbook.

11. The Gun (by Shoot A Way) Half and Full Court Shooting Drills ($15) To be used with The Gun shooting machine.

12. Continuity Zone Offenses (Eight of them) ($20) These zone offenses will work against all zone defenses. Out of these zone offenses the players can create great shots and you will have control over what they are doing offensively.

13. The Triangle Offense for High School Programs ($10) These ideas come from years of watching what Tex Winter did with the Bulls and the Lakers. This is a very simple offense to use. It is basically a four out one in offense with emphasis on getting the ball inside to your post man, but it is a team offense.

14. The Spread Offense: An Offense for teams without size *Plus Late Game Situations* ($20) This is a best seller. This offense is based on passing and cutting and be able to take your man off of the dribble. There is no one posted up, all five players are playing on the perimeter. If you are a team without size this is an offense for you.

15. High-Low Motion Offense (North Carolina Style) ($20) This is a motion offense with your two post players rotating between the top of the key area and the low post. This offense will get you great ball movement. The players love it because no one player is locked up playing on the block.

16. Motion Offense Players Can Understand ($15) This motion offense is based on screening and using screens. It works great because there are lots of back screens involved in it. Offensively the players love the freedom to attack the basket and move without the basketball. The one major rule in the offense is the inside man is the screener and the outside man is the cutter.

17. The 2-3 Zone Defense “Rules and Drills” *How to teach it! ($10) There is more to playing a 2-3 zone than most coaches understand. The 2-3 zone is being played all over the nation now, it has grown because Syracuse won the national championship with it just a few years ago. This playbook will teach you the little things in how to play this zone defense correctly.

18. 4-out 1-in “Drive and Kick Offense” – The newest thing going in the Game ($20) Coaches if you have athletes who can drive the basketball this is the offense for you. This is an offense for the up-tempo coach who likes to press and run. It takes ten players to run this system. You need to be a pressing team to run this offense. In this system of play the low post man is opposite the ball to allow for more driving into the lane. If there is help, you kick the ball out for a three point. This is an up-tempo game, played a lot like the way Loyola Marymount played a few years ago. John Calipari and the Memphis Tigers ran it last year very successfully.

19. 3-out 2-in Motion Ball Screening Offense ($12) This offense is hottest thing going in college basketball this season. Both Florida and Kansas are running it about 60% of the time on offense. This offense has the 4 and 5 man rotating setting ball screens for the perimeter players to drive. This offense has the option by the ball screener of pick and rolling or picking and popping. If you play teams that are great a hedging or double teaming ball screening this is what you need.

20. Press Package: How to Press on Made and Missed Shots ($10) If you love to play up-tempo basketball and score off of your defense this is what you need. We have Rick Pitino's Full Court Press he used at Kentucky broken down to where the players can understand it on made shots and a 1-2-2, 3/4 Court Zone Press on Missed Shots. This really speeds up the game and allows you to play from eight to ten players each half. The players love it!

21. "Spots" A Team Offense for a SUPER SHOOTER ($12) Coaches if you have one player, either a 2 or 3-man who you want to take about 25 shots a game this is what you need. This is a team offense based on one super player who needs to be a team player. This offense has a two guard with two low post men on opposite blocks and a Super Player using the post player’s screens to get open for a jump shot a three point shot coming off the screens. Another thing that is great about this offense is that it works against man to man, all zones and a box and 1 defense.

22. Duane Silver's 6 Best Man to Man Sets and 5 Best Zone Sets ($12) With these sets (quick hitters) you will be able to cut up your opponents like a SURGEON. These sets are taken from great programs from all over America. If either you or your point guard will call these sets each time down the floor you will keep your opponent off guard on who is going to get the shots. We have shots for each position against man to man and zones. These sets are very simple for the players to understand and get into. Most of the sets are from a 1-2-2 alignment. You will love these. They are AWESOME!

23. 4-Out 1-In Motion Man to Man and 4-Out 1-In Motion Zone Offense ($10) The 4-Out 1-In Man to Man motion is your basic 4-Out 1-In motion offense, but the 4 4-Out 1-In Motion Zone Offense is something brand new. Almost all zone offense is 3-out 2-in; this zone offense is 4-Out 1-In with emphasis on getting the ball into players flashing into the free throw line and elbow areas. It is awesome and it works against all zones.




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